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Strategic Partners

Opportunity Centers of America 

Opportunity Centers of America (OCA) is dedicated to bringing change to American Urban Communities through job training, real estate revitalization, strengthening families and social issue education. OCA was formed after the 2016 election cycle and is dedicated to helping ALL AMERICANS – regardless of race, religion or political affiliations.


During the election cycle the great depth of negative conditions in America’s Urban Communities was discovered and the OCA founder vowed to bring a positive change into those communities. 

OCA's mission is to Restore Families Across America by addressing lack of opportunities, the broken family unit and issues of safety. 


National Opportunity League

National Opportunity League (NOL) through the sport of Opportunity has one mission: End Generations of Hopelessness by teaching the Value of A Life and focusing on the development of Foundational Skills, Champion Mindsets and  Economic Geniuses. 


Many of America's young Black males have been systematically oppressed, abandoned by Black men, robbed of true leadership and left behind to die physically or struggle mentally. 

NOL's primary players are black males, ages 13 to 24, and are coached by Veterans and Barbers. The NOL selected Veterans for their common strengths but equally important was the ability to provide them with a great income, while providing a dire service. 

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