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Masking The Underserved (MTU) is an RFFA Foundation, CSB Coalition, and Atatiana Jefferson Foundation collaboration led by 2000 Roses Foundation Founder Kelly Wiley to educate the most vulnerable communities on the deadly Coronavirus while providing them with masks. Kelly is a master seamstress and is training women and youth adults on how to mass-produce masks. The training focuses on recycling and repurposing existing fabrics such as shirts, pants, and dresses to make unique masks.

The collaboration is seeking government funding that would allow them to provide income opportunities Salon and Barbershop owners, Small Churches, Youth Organizations, Small Non-Profits, DJs, Promoters, and Massage Therapists for assisting with production and distribution. Based on their projections with the proper funding they could manufacture 1,080,000 masks daily. The production numbers indicate a national effort injecting monies into micro-small businesses and the socially and economically disadvantaged individuals in underserved and rural markets. 













Masking The Underserved mission is to educate African American and Latino communities on how and why COVD-19, also known as Coronavirus, is more deadly to them and their loved ones. Part of the educating process will address the first myth that people of color could not catch the virus, conspiracy theorists that say the government is behind it to cause fear and the realities of systemic oppression.


While educating, providing masks, the team will also capture data to know the needs of the communities.  The data will focus on their state of mind, what are their concerns, fears, and needs. The final and most crucial piece of information gathered will be to find what is required to effectively social distance.


By educating most affected communities will slow the spread of the virus and allow America to return to normal as soon as possible. According to many studies, African Americans and Latino Communities are being infected and dying of COVID-19 at alarming rates.



Education will consist of demonstrating who and why based on data, is most likely to be infected and die from COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Explain the value of social distancing and find out what they need to exercise social distancing successfully.



Based on data, pop-ups will be placed in COVID-19  HOT SPOTS making masks and gloves immediately available. Local youth organizations will operate the pop-ups under the direction of a local barbershop owner.



Based on current and future primary data, coalition partners will ensure that the government provides funds to Community Small Businesses. These community small businesses will then meet the needs of the residents within their community.

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