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C.A.N.S is an innovative and practical solution for responding to unforeseen circumstances utilizing products. Each year tragedy strikes typically affecting one’s health, finances, or plans. In 2020 that unexpected is COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus. It has disrupted America, especially those who were living check to check, community small businesses, and high school seniors.  C.A.N.S (Creating A New Story) goal is to ensure that all Americans have food daily, community small businesses doors remain open, and high school seniors have prom, graduation, and scholarship opportunities. 


In February of 2020, the word Coronavirus started to appear in the news, and by March, it had become the most talked-about virus in modern history. Coronavirus is also known as COVID-19, has crippled America by infecting hundreds of thousands and killing thousands. Beyond the physical health effects it causes, mental health has been far more significant and unaddressed for millions. High School seniors have lost the most precious year of their lives and feel that no one cares about them, while community small businesses have no clue when the virus no longer be a threat. 


The havoc of COVID-19 has or will affect every community, city, and state in America, not discriminating or respecting anyone. 


On March 16th, 2020, President Trump introduced social distancing to Americans, for 15 days.  The effects of it were felt immediately with restaurants, bars, and schools closed overnight. As of March 29th, 2020, President Trump extended social distancing until April 30th, 2020, with the probability of more extensions to come.  Every day of uncertainty is causing fear, depression, and causing anxiety to increase also.  


C.A.N.S will connect High Schoolers to communities and communities to each other. The process focuses on working from the bottom-up through gamification exercising social distancing. C.A.N.S is a national effort to:


  -Promote flattening the curve and educate why it’s important 

  -Having young adults 16-25 be a valuable partner in saving America from COVID-19 

  -Create a Food Access Supply Chain to ensure food security for all Americans

  -Protect Community Small Businesses from permanent closing

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